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A team of Lawyers, Paralegals, and Staff that create winning strategies. 

A large portion of firms sell their potential clients on the fact they have a large staff and this helps them win. What they do not tell the client is a large staff increases their cost and leads to a need for the firm to focus on billable hours regardless if it is helping the client's case or advancing the client's pursuit for justice.


Oliver Jason Brown or as everyone calls him "Downtown Oliver Brown" saw this as a problem to the working class citizen, small business owner, and closely held corporations. 

The vision of providing winning services to the every day citizen started in February of 2014 when he had to replace an attorney in a complex civil litigation case that had multiple plaintiffs, cross-defendants, and cross-plaintiffs. Unfortunately, his client was the original Defendant and from all accounts was liable. 

The Court had already ruled against the client and it was almost certaint that the client would have to pay at least $200,000.00.  At this moment Downtown Oliver Brown developed the winning technique and come-back strategy.

This strategy does not highlight firm size or number of lawyers. It focuses on the importance of tailoring each case to the demand of the issue.

Think of it this way. Would you hire12 people to pour one bag of concrete? HELL NO! But to make a foundation? ABSOLUTELY! So why have a team of lawyers for a job that only requires two or three. 

This is how Downtown Oliver Brown views your case. We only hire outside help on a as needed basis after determining your case strategy. This is the winning strategy. 

By the way, the client won a judgment of 25k+ and attorney fees! 2 lawyers and 1 Paralegal.  Call today for your independent analysis


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Oliver Jason Brown​​

Founder of The Oliver J. Law Firm

Awarded Rising Star by Super Lawyer Magazine in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Kurt Jones

Mr. Jones is a junior associate in the firm that handles family law and criminal law matters. 

Of Counsel

Our firm utilizes various outside counsel depending on case load, novelty of the case and the complexity of each case. 

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