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Harris County DA Kim Ogg' Quid Pro Quo: Charging Political Revivals of State Rep. Harold Dutton

Updated: May 19, 2021

Click Image to Watch: Attorney Oliver Jason Brown releases audio excerpt from October 16, 2020 which contains evidence of a scheme between DA Kim Ogg and State Rep. Harold Dutton to charge his political revivals.

Attorney Request for Federal Investigation

Attorney Oliver Jason Brown releases one of several audio files from his investigation of Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. The two individuals were charged in exchange for political support from Anti-LGBTQ State Rep. Harold Dutton. Attorney Brown has been investigating DA Kim Ogg since March of 2019 due to allegations of ethical violations. Attorney Oliver Jason Brown previously filed bar complaints against two Assistant District Attorneys after reviewing a transcript DA Kim Ogg circulated within the courthouse to gain support to remove an African American Judge.

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